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WELCOME to the one on-line shop that offers you the opportunity to order from over 10,000 styles of fashion jewelry and hair accessories! Our experts have selected the items that have proved to be the most demanded and best-selling in different countries. We bring to you the best costume jewelry and accessories from many China factories, all gathered in one place here!

We will continue uploading more and more items weekly; our goal is to reach 20,000 styles in the nearest future. We will have posts on our Facebook page about new items too. Please see time to time at www.facebook.com/AccessoriesAgency


The NEW option GROUPON is available now!!

What is group-on? Usually China factories require a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 5-10 dozen and much over of one item to start production. But with GROUPON you can enjoy of the lowest factory prices by ordering small quantities, even as low as 12 pieces! You place your order and we group it (put it together) with the orders from our other customers. Once we reach a total of 5-10 dozen per item, we will send the order to production immediately.

There are TWO ways to join group on:

  1. Selecting the items you like from whole catalog. You will soon get the details of your order.
  2. Adding your quantity to the items already selected by other customers worldwide. To see these items, go to GROUPON page and start to make your order.

There is a time limit of certain items for group on, please don’t miss the chance to get the products with factory production price but just a 1 dozen per style!

Once you place an order, your dedicated account manager will provide the detailed information on your order and production time.


We will offer you a full service to deliver to you a complete product! Our main objective is to make your business grow!

  • Whether you need to source that special item for your promotion, or make a jewelry with your company logo, we will do it for you!
  • If you want to have a unique imitation jewelry, we can produce the item according to your design or even a whole collection!
  • We can help you find the packaging company that will create for you the packaging to identify your products and our designers can help you in developing your unique packaging for fashion jewelry and accessories!
  • We will assist you in checking the best shipping route for your goods to suite your needs in terms of time and money.
Asia's Fashion Jewellery & Accessories Fair
Date: MARCH 3-6, 2015

See you in MARCH in Hong Kong!
The largest and most influential trade event of costume jewelry & fashion accessories in Asia! You will find us there with the latest styles, proven quality and reasonable prices of fashion jewelry and hair accessories!
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